Product & Pricing

Full Stumbelbloc

400 x 200 x 200 mm


Half Stumbelbloc

200 x 200 x 200 mm


BlockGrip Adhesive

1 kg to lay up to 500 Stumbelblocs

US$20.00 (incl VAT)


They interlock and are therefore just slotted into place. No time is wasted laying down mortar for each course of blocks and endlessly leveling blocks. Construction can be achieved in record time: eg. a 3m x 4m room can be built to roof height in 1 day (with 4 men)


The Stumbelblocs are made using extremely high grade concrete and come in at over double the strength required by the Standards Association of Zimbabwe. The Blockgrip mortar used in the Stumbelbloc build process has a bonding strength of 15 times greater than standard mortar.


When building with Stumbelbloc you will require only 1 bag of cement for every 500 Stumbelblocs. These 500 Stumbelblocs can be laid in one day by one brick layer plus one assitant. This therefore means that both your cement and labour bills will be dramatically reduced by up to 75%.


Laying each block in place takes seconds because they are uniform in shape and interlock with one another.

Much more accurate

Each block is exactly 400mm x 200mm x 200mm, and they interlock extremely precisely with the next block, either in line or at right angles.


Each full block has two large air-filled cavities which are natural thermal insulators, and also allow the warm air in the cavities to rise and exit the house.


Electical cable and plumbing is not chased into walls, but is led through the cavities in the blocks. No lintels required above doors/windows less than 1.5m wide.

No special skill required

People with little or no education or skill can lay the blocks. Only limited training is required.

BlockGrip Adhesive

BlockGrip is a white powder polymer which comes in 1kg tubs. Mix 1kg BlockGrip with 1 bag cement and 1 wheelbarrow sand to form a 'sloppy' mix. Dip each block about 3cm into the mix before laying in place on wall. This will bond the blocks together extremely strongly (see photos in gallery). 1kg BlockGrip will bond up to 500 blocks.