Stumbelbloc was first developed and produced in Cape Town, South Africa by Andre Esterhuizen. Andre had a very clear vision with regards to Stumbelbloc. He wanted to create an interlocking concrete building block which would enable millions of unskilled people in Africa to be able to build their own homes using a fast, affordable, cost effective, high quality and long lasting building system.

I am extremely happy to say that Andre not only managed to create such a product but managed to exceed everyone’s expectations with the creation of the STUMBELBLOC!

Stumbelbloc Zimbabwe was born in January 2014 after two years of Gardini Construction (Pvt) Ltd. working meticulously with Stumbelbloc South Africa in order to perfect both the product design mix, and the methods of production of the “blocs” for the Zimbabwean market. During these two years, Gardini Construction (Pvt) Ltd. also ensured that the product was certified and approved by the City of Harare as well as the Standards Association of Zimbabwe.

We are now extremely proud to announce that as of April 2017, Stumbelbloc Zimbabwe can produce over 2,500,000 Stumbelblocs a year in Harare. Which, just to give you an idea translates to nearly 20 million common bricks and would allow for around 1000 density houses or 90 kms of boundary walling.

The company however, has no intentions of slowing down now. We are aiming for 100% year on year growth for the next 5 years which will allow us to service the ever growing demand for affordable housing in Our Country with a Proudly Zimbabwean Product.